From time to time, we run across a media file or video that we feel is worth sharing with our friends and colleagues. WARNING to the feint of heart or those easily offended: Some of these files contain adult language, violence, or military operations that result in leveled buildings, destroyed vehicles, deceased illegal combatants (terrorists and insurgents), or all of the above. If you are easily offended or weak of stomach, please navigate away from this page. You have been duly warned.

More videos will be added to this collection as time permits. Enjoy!





CREED! (To Download, Click Here)

Raw Army National Guard recruits get their basics in a real introduction to military discipline.

WMV/ 7.8MB
OOPS! (To Download, Click Here)

A collection of military equipment air-drops that went awry. Set to CCR's "Bad Moon Risin'.

WMV/ 4.2MB
Taliban Hideout Strikes (To Download, Click Here )

Watch as laser-guided missiles destroy the caves of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

WMV/ 1.7MB

101st Airborne OIF (To Download, Click Here )

This video features the Screaming Eagles of Ft. Campbell KY. It shows all the wonderful work these men and women have done and are doing in Iraq. Watch the reactions of normal Iraqi citizens to our troops; it's a view you won't see on the news.

WMV/15.2 MB

Apache vs. Taliban (To Download, Click Here )

This video is of an Apache returning fire on a Taliban position in mountainous Korengal, Afghanistan.

WMV/ 1.9 MB

Blackwater Najaf (To Download, Click Here )

Watch as US Marines, Blackwater, and Iraqi soldiers fire on insurgents in Najaf.

WMV/ 6.15 MB
Mosque Airstrike (To Download, Click Here )

A mosque and the insurgents inside don't fare too well in this clip.

WMV/ 2.72 MB

Catapult Shots (To Download, Click Here )

Watch as these Navy Pilots are catapulted off the flight deck, accelerating from 0 to 180mph in 200 feet.

WMV/ 2.5 MB

Tal Afar Aerial Attacks (To Download, Click Here )

Check out this footage of precision US aerial attacks over the city of Tal Afar, Iraq.

WMV/ 7.59 MB

3rd Platoon (To Download, Click Here )

According to the submitter, "The baddest mother truck'n group of Marines to ever run across an IED in Iraq. These men were, are, and will always be my brothers. Bless them all. Set to music by Ministry 'So What', from the 'Live, In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up' compact disc."

WMV/ 19.4 MB

3rd Infantry Division (To Download, Click Here )

Watch this slideshow tribute to the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq.

WMV/ 5.62 MB

M1A1 vs. IED (To Download, Click Here )

This insurgent propaganda video shows an M1 Abrams tank being hit by an IED. The M1 gets knocked several feet in the air and keeps on rolling. Would this be considered an insurgent outtake video?

WMV/ 1.2 MB

IED Damage (To Download, Click Here )

This video was taken by a U.S. soldier documenting several IED attacks on his patrols. Luckily for him and his buddies, nobody was hurt.

WMV/ 11.8 MB

F-35 JSF Lightning II (To Download, Click Here )

Watch the X-35B (experimental Marine version of the F-35) as it became the world's first plane to have a short take-off, fly super sonic, and then vertically land - all in one flight!

WMV/ 7.7 MB






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