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Trailblazer Computer Services customers typically try us after having had less-than-satisfactory experiences with other PC service companies, and the difference is apparent to them right from the start! The fast, friendly, knowledgeable solutions we offer, combined with our simple, no-hassle pricing plan and the convenience of in-home or office services turn our customers into loyal TCS fans!

Read the testimonials below to see the difference for yourself!


  • I have had Mr. Duke Jones (Owner) of Trailblazer Computer Services work on my Dell computer numerous times and have found the service performed to be  excellent.  Besides being very knowledgeable, Mr. Jones is reliable and trustworthy.  I highly recommend choosing Trailblazer Computer Services for any computer problems that you may experience.  No problem is too small or large.
    ~Willetta Noble, a satisfied customer
  • Duke (Jones), owner of Trailblazer, has been working with us at Clear Creek Furniture in Waynesville for more than a year now. We have worked with Duke concerning a myriad of computer issues, from Network and software troubles to hardware problems.

    Our business computing is like anyone else's! Our data must be kept safe and our software that we rely on must run without a hitch. Computer shut downs are unacceptable! Duke's response time is just this side of immediate! He is always reachable! Problem solving is certainly a welcome challenge for Duke! Solutions are not always on the surface but, from my experience, Duke has the fortitude, knowledge and skills to get the job done.

    I would recommend Trailblazer as a computer consultant to anyone whether it be for home computing or business.

    Tim Nichols, Owner
    Clear Creek Furniture (Link to Web Site ~ Excellent hand-crafted Amish furniture!) Waynesville, Ohio
  • PHONE: 513 897-9669

  • I have a laptop that I need to have next to me most of the day and accessible at all times.
    My computer began to process information slowly, it shut off completely at random times, and the fan ran as if it was overheated, I had wireless connectivity problems, etc! I called around checking on the time frame of possible repair with a brief description over the phone.

Mr. Duke Jones was the ONLY one to understand the problem and have it back and running better than when I first purchased it and did not charge me any set up fees. He called our home to advise his findings and said it would be ready in a few hours, he offered to deliver the laptop because he previously heard some of my general conversation saying how busy I was that day. He gives you a full understanding of what he is doing so you feel totally comfortable.

I would recommend anybody who would like an honest judgment and assessment of their systems.
If you want to have your system repaired, upgraded, built or just an ordinary assessment, call Duke Jones at Trailblazer Computer Services and get it done right NOW!

Getting your computer fixed is a lot like getting your car repaired; you have to trust what the mechanic claims to
to be the problem and pay for it. Duke Jones uses that integrity today to push forward tomorrow.

S.P. Wheat,
President & CEO
Peer Group LLC





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