Here at TRAILBLAZER COMPUTER SERVICES, our pricing schedule is simple. Just $90 per hour brings our experienced, knowledgeable technician to your home or office! There is a 1 hour minimum, and subsequent time is billed in half-hour increments. Simple!

  • No hidden charges!
  • No travel charges!
  • No charge if your machine has to be taken to our shop to complete services, except additional bench time.

We invite you to compare! See how reasonable and economical our services are compared to our competitors. Just click the links below to check out pricing plans of our "competition".

  United Computing Resources (UCR)



As you can see from the links above, there are quite a few in-home or business computer repair/ upgrade/ networking/ virus and spyware removal services out there. If you clicked on all the links above, you have discovered that some of these companies don't want to reveal what they charge. The ones that do provide their service rates probably shocked you, because they are charging anywhere from 25% to 250% MORE than Trailblazer Computer Services, and some of them don't even come to your location to fix your machine! You're stuck unplugging all your hardware and lugging your CPU to them.

If you think that's a lousy solution, join the hundreds of other lucky, satisfied computer owners who chose Trailblazer Computer Services as their preferred computer service solution!

Just call 513.932.1479 or Email Trailblazer Computer Services for an appointment today!



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